Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Agenda for October 26, 2016

Please join if you haven't already.

Choose your area of interest:
  • Diversity Festival
    • November 15th from 6- 8 pm
    • needs students to read multicultural books, do face painting and crafts, organize games (Mancala and something more active?)
  • Fundraiser
    • Josie will help organize a clothing drive with Savers
    • We get paid by the pound for the things we collect
    • Need to organize to take donations at school during the week
    • Last year, we offered Hot Cocoa for Clothes...
  • Service Project for Pathway Academy
    • I have 20 backpacks that we could fill with food or school supplies
    • Donate within our group or from the whole school
    • Could we do something at the elementary schools? 
      • have students donate
      • offer teachers a jeans day if they pay a certain amount and use the $ to buy food and supplies?
  • Visit to Pathway Academy
    • December or next semester?
    • part of class requirements for EIP
  • Underclassmen membership
    • Is this a priority right now or can we wait until 2nd semester?
    • Something on broadcast? 
  • T-shirts--need a group to get on picmonkey and finalize a design
    • Baseball tees (3/4 sleeve)--$14-$17
    • Long sleeve 50/50 tee--$14-$17
    • Short sleeve--$10-$13

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